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Due to my first-hand experience with medicinal mushrooms, I was inspired to include them in our cold pressed juices & mylks.
From gut-healing to boosting mental clarity to relaxation, mushrooms have so many natural benefits when consumed on a regular basis.
Visit our blog to learn more about the mushrooms we use and their benefits.

We use an innovative method to extend the shelf life of our juices up to 30 days, without sacrificing the taste or nutritional value! :)
This method is called HPP (High Pressure Processing).
Our drinks have to be consumed within 2 days after opening.

Cold pressing is the healthiest form of juicing.
Since no heat or oxygen is used in our cold-pressing process, the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables are protected and preserved.
You get 100% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients when drinking our juices.

No, we add just a small amount of functional mushroom powder.
The taste of the fruits & veggies overpowers the taste of the mushroom used in the juice.

HPP stands for 'High Pressure Processing'.
It's an innovative method we use to extend the shelf life of our juices, without sacrificing the taste or nutritional value! :)
HPP is non-thermal, but works with extremely high pressure. Germs and bacteria are completely neutralised without the use of chemicals.
Numerous studies have been carried out on taste, colour retention, but mainly on the retention of nutritional values. The results are astonishing!