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First adaptogenic juice in Europe

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Reishi and the Lion's mane mushroom are the adaptogens infused in our drink. Combining the benefits of these adaptogens delivers what is known as an entourage effect, which amplifies their advantages.

+ Strengthens immunity
+ relieves stress and anxiety + improves sleep

Lion's mane
+ Strengthens cognitive & brain health + Helps with depression
+ Reduces anxiety

The benefits of adaptogens

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Cold Pressed

100% Natural

Made in Belgium

Adaptogenic Juice

That’s why we created the first adaptogen-infused juice in Belgium.
Made only with 100% natural ingredients, our juices are as pure as they can get.
Perfect for a morning kickstart, afternoon boost or a fruity nightcap, your best life ever is just a sip away.
Don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to try it!

At Juicy Lucy we're crazy about adaptogens

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*Lion's mane

Activated Charcoal, 

Lime, Lemon, Ginger, Apple, Mint

Lion's mane, Reishi

We swear by real & clean nutrition, so our juices have no
artificial flavors, no refined sugars, and no preservatives.