Benefits of Adaptogens

Taking age-old wisdom from traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practitioners who use medicinal mushrooms (also known as adaptogens) to boost immunity and cure almost any ailment, we’re giving it a modern
twist by infusing them to a drink you can enjoy every day.

We’re not talking about psychedelics or the kind of mushrooms that make you think your legs are turning into snakes. We’re on to something better!

Reishi and the Lion's mane mushroom are the adaptogens infused in our drink.


Reishi is one of the most commonly used adaptogenic mushrooms because of its benefits to overall wellness.

‣ Strengthens immunity
‣ Relieves stress and anxiety
‣ Improves sleep
‣ Better Sex

Better Sex?
We know stress is a huge factor in the loss of libido. In Asia, Reishi has long been used to balance those factors that negatively impact libido. Its adaptogenic benefits support immunity and promote overall wellbeing, helping the nervous system to cope better with stress.

Reishi mushroom is also sometimes referred to as the ‘magic mushroom of the bedroom’, helping to support male and female fertility as well as supporting the body’s overall function and performance. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is deemed to work on the kidney meridians which is believed to house a person’s sexual power.

Lion’s Mane

Apart from boosting immunity, Lion’s Mane improves memory, boosts creativity, helps with concentration and sharpens mental clarity.

‣ Strengthens cognitive & brain health
‣ Helps with depression
‣ Reduces anxiety
‣ Improves focus

Combining the benefits of these adaptogens delivers what is known as an entourage effect, which amplifies their advantages.