About Juicy Lucy

We’re crazy about adaptogens. That’s why we created the first adaptogenic juice in Europe.
Made with 100% natural ingredients, our drink is as pure as it can get.

Perfect for a morning kickstart, afternoon boost, or a fruity nightcap.
Don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to try it!

Who's behind Juicy Lucy?

Juicy Lucy was originally founded by Valérie, a nutritionist.

She got into cold pressed juices and adaptogens at the height of the lockdown. Driven by troubles falling asleep and keeping stress levels at bay, she tried numerous natural remedies.

After a while she stumbled upon the benefits of mushrooms. Convinced about the healing powers of reishi and lions mane, she decided to make the first ever adaptogen-infused drink in Europe.


You can read more about adaptogens & their benefits here:


We want to empower you to live your best lives ever.

We make use of adaptogens' ability to boost wellbeing and promote a healthy lifestyle.