About Juicy Lucy

We’re crazy about adaptogens. That’s why we created the first adaptogenic juice in Europe.
Made with 100% natural ingredients, our drink is as pure as it can get.

Perfect for a morning kickstart, afternoon boost, or a fruity nightcap.
Don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to try it!

Who's behind Juicy Lucy?

Hi! I’m Valérie, nutrionist and founder of Juicy Lucy.

I got into cold pressed juices and adaptogens at the height of the lockdown. I was having trouble falling asleep and keeping my stress levels at bay.

I tried numerous natural remedies: from magnesium capsules and melatonin supplements to chamomile tea and aromatherapy.

After stumbling on an article talking about the healing powers of medicinal mushrooms, I decided to give it a go and started mixing reishi extracts into my drinks. After only a few weeks, I noticed the difference. I’ve been sleeping better and feeling more well-rested than ever.

Convinced about the healing powers of mushrooms, I decided to make the first ever adaptogen-infused drink in Europe. You could say that Juicy Lucy blends my love for clean nutrition and functional mushrooms.


You can read more about adaptogens & their benefits here:


We want to empower you to live your best lives ever.

We make use of adaptogens' ability to boost wellbeing and promote a healthy lifestyle.